At Downings Marquee Rentals, we understand the importance of a successful event!

Whether it’s a wedding, special occasion, or corporate event, of any size that you’re planning, Downings Marquee Rental will provide the professional support required, to ensure the success of your event.


The Fold is a testament to modern engineering and groundbreaking advancement, where every detail has been considered to ensure a seamless and luxurious experience. Stretching over any landscape, we custom build to your events capacity, crafted to not only meet but exceed expectations. The commitment to expanding The Fold’s dimensions further underscores the ambition to accommodate a wider array of events, ensuring that this marquee will continue to be a leading choice for many events.


Discover the elegance of our A-frame marquee structures, where architectural beauty meets practical design. These marquees, renowned for their simple A-frame silhouette, with their sleek lines and durable construction, offer a perfect blend of functionality and style. The A-frame structure, known for its sturdiness and sizable interiors, provides an ideal setting for any event.


Our Single Radius Long Curve Marquee is a canvas of modern design and engineering. Its graceful arched and elongated curve presents a visually stunning and unique profile that stands out in any setting. This marquee structure offers substantial functional benefits and ensures efficient space utilization, making it exceptionally suited for large-scale events such as exhibitions, trade shows, and large celebrations. This is an ideal marquee to blend elegance with practicality after such as clubhouse, pop up restaurants, exhibitions etc.


The Single Radius Short Curve with Overhang Marquee, is a distinguished offering from Downings Marquee Rentals, which exemplifies functional elegance. This structure, echoing the appeal of the long curve design, however adding the practicality of an overhang, provides a unique aesthetic and practical advantage. The overhang adds an element of protection and versatility, making it ideal for outdoor events. This feature is beneficial for industries such as outdoor exhibitions and exclusive hospitality venues, where the overhang can serve as a sheltered space for receptions, displays, or outdoor lounging areas, which can enhance the overall guest experience.


Our Cathedral Marquee structure is a standout creation from our collection at Downings Marquee Rentals. This structure is a true embodiment of grandeur and architectural excellence. Characterized by its towering peak and expansive interiors, this marquee mimics the essence of a cathedral. Its soaring ceiling and spacious layout make it ideal for events that demand a mix of elegance and capacity, such as large-scale gala events and luxurious weddings. The Cathedral Marquee's presence captivates the eye and offers a matchless atmospheric experience, suited for those seeking to make a statement of sophistication.


The Lotus Marquee structure from Downing's Marquee Rentals is inspired by the elegance of the lotus flower. This marquee features a unique design that is both eye-catching and functional. The Lotus Marquee adds a touch of natural beauty to the event and allows for flexible space utilization. This structure is especially suited for industries that value creativity and distinctiveness, such as exclusive product launches, boutique gatherings, or high-end exhibitions.


Our Double Volume Marquee structure is designed with a heightened structure, essentially doubling the vertical space, which creates a new level of atmosphere inside. The increased ceiling height enhances the visual appeal and allows for a more elaborate decor and lighting installations. This feature is particularly advantageous for industries where space is foremost, such as conference events, disaster relief and upscale exhibitions.


The Double Decker Multi-Level Marquee is the essence of innovative event space solutions. This marquee is an awe in engineering and design, offering two levels of event space, which effectively doubles the usable area without increasing the ground footprint. This feature is particularly beneficial for venues with limited space such as trade shows, exhibitions, and corporate events, where maximizing space is crucial. The upper level provides a unique vantage point for guests while the lower level serves as the primary event area. The Double Decker Multi-Level Marquee is a testament to our commitment to providing versatile and space-efficient solutions for any event need.


The Snow-Peak Marquee, is an offering that epitomizes versatility and style at Downings Marquee Rentals. Characterized by its distinctive peaked roof, this structure stands out for its robust design and clean finish, making it an ideal choice for a range of industries. Its unique peak provides enhanced stability and weather resistance, making it perfect for outdoor events, from high-end corporate functions to sporting events.

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